Axium Health - The Solution for Better Health

Axium Health - The Solution for Better Health
Pulsatile Therapy focuses on the core of the problem with diabetes; improper metabolism. If you can return the metabolism to normal you can allow the body the chance to fight of the complications that all severe diabetics face and have blood-sugar levels that fall within the normal range. During a MAT session, insulin is injected directly into the blood stream through an intravenous catheter. This is different from insulin that is injected through a syringe, or through a traditional insulin pump.
The patented
and FDA
approved pump
is able to
deliver insulin
in the same
pulsating schedule
as a normal,
healthy pancreas.
The pump to the left is approximately the size of a video cassette and is programmed specifically to each patient to ensure maximum results. Insulin is delivered in a pulsating schedule to match the exact delivery that the pancreas of that person would do. Over 50,000 treatments have proven conclusively that the liver does in fact “recognize” the Bionica delivery as if from a normal pancreas to cause the liver “wakes up” and to perform its key functions.
There is no other pump in the world that does what the Bionica pump does and this creates a significant competitive advantage. A patient receiving MAT will first be checked for blood pressure and body weight. Their blood sugar levels are also checked and the treatment levels programmed into the Bionica pump. Before beginning a treatment session, an RQ machine is used to measure the metabolism levels, which is used to determine whether the dosage of insulin is sufficient to induce proper metabolism. RQ machine is used in sports medicine and heart measurements to accurately show how well the body burns carbohydrates. In MAT, the RQ machine is used to measure the resting metabolism of the patient to ensure that the proper level is achieved.
Patients can literally watch their metabolism rate increase during treatment to a more normal and healthy level on the screen attached to each RQ machine. The metabolism measurements are obtained by the patient breathing into a mask that is placed over the nose and mouth. The measurement period lasts for approximately six minutes. During this time the RQ machine is able to measure exactly how well the patient is able to burn carbohydrates and reduce the use of lipids and free fatty acids.